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ExxaBlock Products

ExxaBlock offers a suite of real time cryptocurrency market indices, advanced data analytics, global execution and reporting targeting institutional retail investors, and regulatory government agencies. It is expected that the suite of indices and event-driven real time streaming analytics leverage quantitative research, trading, and market surveillance into the next level. ExxaBlock global execution improves the quality of global order execution and makes routing smarter/intelligent. Currently,the following products are available.


Indices (ECI-100, ECI-10 and ECRI)

Indices are categorized into weighed, unweighted, and composite. They are distributed through real time streaming data feeds in the form of time series, events, and interval data. 


Analytics (ECA-100)

ECA-100 provides a suite of real time cryptocurrency analytic feeds. Feeds deliver  intraday real time statistical and quantitative measures. Measures are critical for intraday trading, realtime market surveillance, financial services, and quantitative research.


ExxaCution (ECX-100)

ECX-100 provides a collection of the core building blocks of advanced order execution, smart order routing, trading, and market surveillance across exchanges around the world.


Reporting (ECR)

ECR provides a handful of prebuilt price, latency, and market reports. Built with specific methodology and the strictest standards. Delivered in quarterly, daily and real time streams 

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