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Adjusted Price-Weighted Index

ExxaBlock Adjusted Price-Weighted Index is a market index which in which each component of the index is weighted according to its current price. Popular stock market indices which fall under this description are the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Japan's Nikkei 225.

ECI-100 indices are dynamically rebalanced in real time so that they capture short-term (or, micro) market dynamics faster and more accurate as well as tracking long-term (or, macro) market movement. ECI-100 is the first market index product in finance that proactively selects index constituents and updates their weights in real time. We also provide classically rebalanced products in a fixed amount of time such as monthly or quarterly.

ECI-100 supports cache API for direct access to ECI-100 cache servers with low-latency and constant-jitter connectivity, and high-throughput I/O computation. Through dedicated or shared connections to the servers, customers can perform time-sensitive or high-throughput computational tasks. ECI-100 indices can be integrated into existing or new (high-frequency) real time trading, market surveillance, and research products and services. ECI-100 is available on public clouds, private clouds, and customer on-premise data centers.

To view our real time streaming quotes view the link below: 

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