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Exchange 24-Hour Summary (E24S)

Exchange 24-Hour Summary (E24S) provides the summary of last 24 hour activities of all exchanges that trade the give currency pair and the asset type. Currently, only trade-related information is provided. Additional information including quote and news will be provided in the future.​

Note: liquidity details at each price level (e.g., a list of pairs of an exchange and its available quote volume) will be available to only paid customers.

​ECX-100:Z1 (Exchange 24-Hour Summary) : 24-hour trading summary of exchanges for a given currency pair and an asset type

The APIs include real time streaming API and cache API. The direct access supports low-latency, constant-jitter connectivity, and high-throughput I/O computation. Through dedicated or shared connections to the servers, customers can perform time-sensitive and/or high-throughput computational tasks. Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) is used to minimize the network communication overhead caused by message encoding, decoding, and transmission.

ECX-100 is available on public clouds, private clouds, and customer on-premise data centers.

​To view our real time streaming quotes view the link below:

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