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Mr. Jack Wiehl


Jack Wiehl has broad experience working in and with early stage startup, project management companies and in venture capital. Jacks experience crosses many industries, these industries include the medical marijuana, AdTech, and life sciences industries.

Jacks experiences includes working closely with the Full Circle Inc. a medical marijuana cultivation located in Rhode Island. He built the business plan, standard operating procedures, document storage, compliance auditing, and accounting. The business delivered 300% gain in less than three years from build to sale of company.

During this time, he also spent a lot of his time working for Fairview Partners, LLC. A Business Development company with expertise in project management, policy and procedure development, with team building and leadership expertise. Jack spent his time managing timesheet management, payroll, accounts payable and receivable for Fairview Partners.

His more recent experience he has been working for Roxiticus Ventures, LLC launching, building and developing the multiple businesses under management. PayMeToConnect, Inc., a digital marketing and advertisement company that is building many products, Coupanda and #NearBuyLife are Apps developed to deliver advertisements and deals to customers when they are requested and where they are requested. Another company he has been working to build and launch is CarpeVITA Health, which is launching San Marino Pure a healthy lifestyle and supplement company working closely with the Republic of San Marino to build the brand.

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